Who We Are

                                                   Turkitch - Turkish Kitchen is proud to be synonymous with the finest tasting range of Turkish desserts and pastries for the US market.U.S.

owned, based and operated., Turkitch combines a passion for quality Turkish products with world-class manufacturing practices based in Turkey.
With key accounts in hotel, cafe, restaurant, catering, and food service markets, Turkitch ensures our customers of exceptional value and reliability.

We deliver our products to the US market via our website and preferred distributor network in different states. Our experienced sales and customer service team are dedicated to supporting the markets and customers we serve.

Our Story

Turkitch-Turkish Kitchen is a family run food company that started in 2016. Ozkan and his wife Feyzan, was born in Istanbul,

Turkey and moved to America after winning the lottery. After settling down in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they started to share their homemade Turkish dishes with neighbors and friends to express their hospitality.

Not only did neighbors and friends love the dishes they shared,  they insisted that they should start to sell their authentic Turkish recipes. Within one month, sixty trays of homemade baklava were sold and Turkitch was born.

Why Turkitch?

Turkitch is the first one 100% Turkish food brand in the USA. We offer authentic ingredients like Antep pistachios, which are only produced in a certain region in Turkey.

This nut is smaller and more green than California pistachios. They offer nutty flavor with light fruity notes. If you haven't tasted Antep pistachios, then you don't know the real taste of pistachios.

Our Mission

Our mission to provide authentic Hand-crafted Turkish food free of added preservatives, artificial flavoring, and artificial color to our food products.