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Turkitch | Turkish Kitchen
Turkitch | Turkish Kitchen
565 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614
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(414) 768-3717

Opening Times
24/7 Online Store / Monday - Sunday

TURKITCH is not a restaurant. You cannot eat at our facility or get table service. There are no tables or chairs and no waiters at our facility but you can pick up your orders here. You can order online for pick up and pre-pay at this website OR order via email and pay when you get here OR order by phone and pay when you get here. If you just show up unannounced, we may or may not have the baklava of your choice. So we strongly advise ordering in advance. Luckily we keep a freshly baked and frozen batch of our most popular selections always on hand. And given the fact that baklava and börek actually improve their texture when frozen, more than likely you will be able to take home some great tasting baklava even if you “just show up”. Since we are NOT a retailer we cannot sell baklava by piece. Your choices will be either the 32 piece standard box or the 10 piece “walk-in customer only” box. Once you get here we do provide samples ONLY by AVAILABILITY. We like to share :)
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